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 Adventure 2020.

- Holland. 3-4 days Tulip tour- April/May.

- Scotland/Lake District 2-3 weeks. Photo/Enjoy everything in our way- June

- Iceland. 2 weeks Photo Expedition- July/August 

- Iceland. 2-3 weeks Photo/surf Expedition- October/November

- Holland. 1 week Autumn photo tour- October

Notice. Exactly dates isn't set at this moment.

For more details, please use the contact page.

Every workshop/guidance will be tailored to your exact

needs and what you want to achieve from the occasion. 

Small group gives much better options at every location when we are chasing the best light at sunrises/sunsets in a beautiful landscape.

Notise: This is not a "Bulky tour" where you are forced to travel with a tight schedule and only get aprox 1 hour at each location.

Be prepared for long days, and maybe nights if we have good possibilities for night scape.

At the evenings we process pictures in Photoshop/Lightroom.

During the workshops we can provide HD filters from Lucroit Filter systems.

More detailed information by mail.

All the best Bengt

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